BW Matsuyama
Stonington Eagle

At the end of the year there were two very large bulk vessels visiting the port of Rauma, BW Matsuyama and Stonington Eagle.


We are glad to report that 85 per cent of the respondents of the customer satisfaction survey conducted this autumn would highly recommend the Port of Rauma. Nearly sixty per cent felt that the operational procedures at the Port of Rauma were among the best or the best. Our customers saw a positive trend in our development, as the results have further improved compared to a similar survey conducted in 2017. We would like to express our gratitude to all respondents. Together, we will continue to improve.

The customer satisfaction of the Port of Rauma was analysed in September 2019. The previous study was conducted in 2017. The goal of the studies was to collect customer feedback in order to improve operations, measure customer satisfaction and identify development areas. The target group was the customers of the port. The response rate of the survey this year was 50 per cent. 

The studies were conducted by Innolink as telephone interviews. Innolink is a member of the Finnish Association of Marketing Research Agencies and is SFS ISO 20252-certified.


MEDLOG S.A. is a subsidiary of the Swiss MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. It operates in over 70 countries with approximately 8,000 employees. MSC Logistics Ltd is a Finnish subsidiary of Medlog.

Speed Ltd, which specialises in container shipments, opened an office at the Port of Rauma six months ago. The company was attracted to Rauma by the development of the port and the increasing traffic volumes.

The expansion of the port field at the Port of Rauma at Ulko-Petäjäs continues. Phases 2 and 3 of the expansion have just been completed and the final phase 4 will begin in early October. The contract for Petäjäs 4 has been made with Terramare Oy.