To visitors

Access permit and arrival in the port

To access the port area, an access permit is required; these are issued by Port of Rauma and companies authorised by Port of Rauma. Please obtain an access permit from Your host company. 


At the Main Gate the vehicle is identified by the license plate. You can facilitate identification by making sure your licence plate is clean, and in the winter, not covered by snow. If access to the port area fails even after cleaning the licence plate, drive to the parking area of the Main Gate and contact the Gate Info point.


Pedestrians need to first report at the Main Gate Info. They can then proceed through the gate building in and out of the port area. Alternatively, they can use the gate provided for cyclists and pedestrians: Wait until the gate is opened from the Main Gate Info (you will hear a click when the lock is opened). Push the gate open with hand.


When you have reported at the Main Gate Info, proceed to the gate provided for cyclists and pedestrians and wait until the gate is opened from the Main Gate Info (you will hear a click when the lock is opened). Place the front wheel of the cycle in the groove. The gate opens automatically upon detecting the metal in the groove. The other side of the gate has to be pushed open with hand.

Protective equipment

All persons working and moving in the cargo handling and storage areas of the port of Rauma shall wear high-visibility, CE marked safety clothing (Government Decree 633/2004) as well as safety footwear and a helmet (CE EN 397). A helmet is not required inside work machines and vehicles. 


Parking in the quay areas  is only allowed in indicated parking spaces. Only short-term (max. 30 min) parking for official business is allowed on the quays, provided the car is equipped with a yellow flashing light and parked on the side of the quay. If parking on a quay, the driver is responsible for any caused damage to the vehicle. 


Photographing within the port area is only allowed with the permission of Port of Rauma. Please contact Esa Vuori, Harbour Master and Port Security Officer,, tel. +358 (0)50 303 9704.