Dangerous goods

IMDG cargoes

When cargoes falling within the scope of the IMDG Code are transported through Port of Rauma, the following notification procedure is to be complied with:

Advance notice

An advance notice shall be submitted for all shipments governed by the IMDG Code that arrive in the port of Rauma. The advance notice is to be submitted at least 24 hours before the goods arrive in the port area. You can fill in the printable advance notice form and fax it to +358 (0)2 824 0675.

Advance inquiry 

  • In addition to the advance notice, for shipments of IMDG Code Class 1, sub-classes 1.1–1.3 and 1.5, as well as Class 7, an advance inquiry has to be submitted to Port of Rauma for permission to transport these through the port area. The advance inquiry obligation applies also to all other classes, if the weight of the shipment exceeds 100 000 kg. 
  • The advance inquiry shall indicate: the proper name, the UN number, the IMDG Class and the amount of the material, as well as contact information for the forwarder.

Storage and direct dispatch obligation

Units labelled hazardous may not be stored anywhere else on the port field areas or inside the port warehouses than on the Pikisaari IMO field or in the IMO booths of the import terminal (warehouse 4). 

Shipments of explosives of class 1 and sub-classes 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.5 as well as of class 7 are always direct dispatch shipments. This means that the shipment shall be dispatched directly to the ship's side without any waiting time on the port field areas. Shipments that are unloaded shall be transported away from the port area after delivery documents have been received. 

Exceptions to direct dispatch obligation: Distress signalling equipment of classes 1.1G, 1.3G for use onboard ships as well as measuring equipment of class 7. 

Additional information

For further information about the transportation of dangerous goods and the associated notification procedure, please contact Esa Vuori, Harbour Master and Port Security Officer, tel. +358 (0)50 303 9704, esa.vuori@portofrauma.com.