Occupational safety

In addition to traffic safety, also occupational safety must be observed in the area of the port of Rauma. Risk factors present in the port area include, apart from traffic, also working at heights, lifting work, falling objects as well as disorder, which may cause falling over, slipping and tumbling. The variable and difficult weather conditions also increase the risks associated with working in the port. The following basic rules, in particular, should be remembered to ensure safe working conditions.

Basic rules for safe working in the port area

  1. Protect yourself. Wear high-visibility clothing, a helmet and safety footwear.
  2. If necessary, also wear gloves, goggles or respirators.
  3. A permit is needed to carry out hot work; instructions for applying for a permit are provided here (linkki ohjeet-sivulle). Use the required protective equipment.
  4. Be careful not to fall. Use fall arrest systems and suitable technical arrangements when your work involves a falling risk.
  5. Lift carefully. Before starting lifting work, check the weight and centre of gravity of the load to be lifted, and plan the lifting operation in detail. Only use inspected lifting equipment and attach the load to be lifted carefully. Only persons with specific training may operate cranes.
  6. Watch out for falling objects and persons working overhead. Restrict moving in the work area and use barriers as required. Always wear a helmet.
  7. Beware of work machines and make sure you do not get crushed. Identify the risks caused by machines and loads that are handled. For example, a swinging load or a turning machine causes a specific risk.
  8. Mind your fingers and hands so that they are not crushed by containers, doors, hatches or lifting equipment.
  9. Exercise caution when moving in the area. Do not walk with your mobile "on your ear". Hold on to rails when walking on stairs. Look out for uneven and slippery passages. Make sure for your part that walking platforms and passages are kept clean and tidy.

Occupational safety of employees of Port of Rauma

The general safety of the port as well as occupational safety are both important elements that facilitate everyday work, and they are among the important criteria assessed by the customers of the port when selecting transport channels for their goods. As a result of this, occupational safety plays an important role in the operation of Port of Rauma. Occupational safety targets are defined in the performance bonus indicators of the personnel, and the target is zero accidents.

Occupational Safety Team of port area

The occupational safety team, which consists of security and occupational safety staff from the companies operating in the port, meets at least twice a year to address occupational safety regulations that apply to the port area, and how they are implemented, as well as to discuss accidents and incidents that have occurred in the port or elsewhere to make it possible to avoid the occurrence of accidents in the future.